Craftpak Company Profile

Craftpak is a Brisbane based, family owned manufacturing company who commenced operation in 1995 and saw a need for packaging that would service the small business end of the market in a diverse range of areas. This vision culminated in a type of packaging which would allow existing and new businesses, local government, educational facilities, tourism, skilled crafts people, importers and promotional/advertising companies, to access packaging at both low cost and in realistic, affordable quantities.

This has been achieved through Craftpak’s creation of a comprehensive range of stock sizes, styles and colours, which can be purchased with no set-up costs, in small quantities.

Many of our customers state that once they have placed their product into a box, their sales improve dramatically.

Specialising in short runs and lead times, Craftpak’s use of good quality materials has always been an important concept in the making of the Craftpak range of boxes. To this end, Craftpak has utilised a range of cardboards over the years, purchasing the best materials available to give the edge on durability, handling, looks, adaptability and presentation. Added to this is Craftpak’s ability to create product visibility with the use of pvc clear lids as an optional extra.

Consumer research indicates that packaging is as important as the product itself, and many of our customer’s state that once they have placed their product into a box, their sales improve dramatically. It’s importance as a promotional tool should not be under estimated.

In addition to the Craftpak standard stock range of boxes, customers can draw from a large selection of cutting formes for additional sizes, without the need for any set-up costs, while specific customer’s needs can be met through Craftpak’s custom-making services.

The company also offers foil printing service for customers who want to personalize their packaging and this is very cost effective, especially for short runs

In short, our aim at Craftpak is to provide versatile colourful packaging at a price and in quantities that suit an ever growing niche packaging market.