Helpful Information

For small orders, less then 100 units stock can ordered in Natural Corrugated, Natural Kraft and Matt Black, with the exception of the White Gloss Box Range, which is available in packs of 50, in White Gloss.

Minimum order 10 units.

A minimum quantity of 100 units applies for other colours.

Prices are wholesale/trade prices.

Discount Structure (Per size)

150 – 10%
250 – 12.5%
400 – 15%
550 – 17.5%
700 – 20%
850 – 22.5%
1000 – 25%

Cardboard boxes and lids will be delivered flat, ready to fold and assemble. PVC Lids will be delivered formed and welded, ready for use.

Cardboard Finishes and Colours

The following cardboard finishes and colours are available where applicable:

Natural ‘E’ Flute Board: A smooth and very sturdy board @ 506gsm. Natural one side; white the other. It has a very high recycled content. Used in our Die Cut Carton Range, and for the bases of our largest size boxes for added strength.

Gloss E Flute Board: A very sturdy glossy board @ 552gsm with white liner. It has no recycled content. Used in our Large Box Range and Die Cut Carton Range.

Natural Recycled ‘E’ Flute Board: Made from Recyclable materials, this is thicker and stronger than our natural recycled and Kraft board at 400gsm. It has a Kraft/brown finish both sides and is suitable for sturdier boxes. Please click on the link attached to see a list of box sizes available in this product.  Natural Recycled E-Flute list

Natural Kraft Board: A very attractive natural smooth brown board with brown liner @ 457gsm. This board has good strength and is unique to Craftpak. It has 70% recycled content.

Natural Corrugated Board: A corrugated, fluted look natural cardboard with natural reverse liner. It has good strength @ 380 gsm and is quite a robust board. It is partly recycled.

Matt Colours (excludes black matt): This range of cardboard colours has been especially printed to provide a high quality board (@ 409gsm) in a range of popular colours: white, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, hot pink, lime, light blue, brown and silver. It has no recycled content.

Black Matt Board: This is a very popular, high quality board with good strength @ 380gsm. It has a black reverse liner.

Gloss Colours (excludes white gloss): This is the same board as used in our matt coloured range (409 gsm) but with a very high gloss celloglazed poly finish, improving both appearance and handling qualities. It may be wiped with a moist cloth. Available in a range of colours: gold, silver, red, blue and black.

White Gloss and White Matt: An excellent quality and very popular board (360gsm) which is covered with a celloglazed poly finish in both the high gloss poly (for white gloss) and a matt poly (for white matt).

White Gloss (as used in the White Gloss Box Range): This is a white gloss board (300gsm), which is slightly lighter in weight than our celloglazed white gloss (360gsm).

Non-standard Stock Boxes

If you can’t find the size of box you require in our standard range of boxes, please tell us the size of box you require, as we have a list of additional sizes available.

We will then get back to you with the closest size we have.

If the box size is suitable, a quoted price can then be given based on the total of the *order. (*The minimum order requirement for non-standard size boxes is 100 units.)

Foil Printing

Craftpak offers a one-colour foil print for logos in colours and metallics.

Foil printing is particularly suited to small jobs (beginning at 100 units).

Please see “Foil Printing” on the main menu of our website for further particulars.

Custom Made Boxes and Design

When a new box is required for that special project, Craftpak is able to assist with the design work and in the giving a formal quotation. However, please be aware that having a new box made to your specifications will involve initial setup costs, as new die-formes will be required.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The minimum final invoice value for orders, including GST is $100.00
  2. Accepted Payment Methods: EWAY (Credit Card Payment), PayPal, Direct Deposit or Cheque.  Payment link is provided on the invoice.
  3. Terms are strictly Prepaid unless other arrangements have been made.
  4. All claims must be notified and authorised as soon as possible after receipt of goods.
  5. Goods returned for credit must be approved prior to return.
  6. All wholesale prices are subject to 10% gst and freight.
  7. When ordering colours in any box size, please ensure that the colour you are ordering is correct as these boxes will not be returnable for credit or exchange as they are specially made to order. Colour sample swatches can be sent out free of charge for matching colours requirements. For small orders (packs of 10) can be purchased in Matt Black, Natural Kraft, Natural Recycled or Natural Corrugated.

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