Quotation Request  Quotation Request

If you require a quotation for a stock or non-stock size, please advise the style of box (eg. one piece or box with lid etc.) length, width, depth (Measurements in MM), finish, colour and quantity required. (Min 100 applies)  CraftPak

If you require a stock box you do not need to fill in the dimension sections.

BEFORE REQUESTING A QUOTATION – please note the following quotation request quotation request quotation request

  • We can’t make rigid boxes, ours are die cut, and are sent out flat packed, ready to fold up.
  • We can’t do full colour printing. The printing that we do is foil printing or hot foil stamping, usually one colour and one postion. More details on this type of printing are available on our website under “foil printing“.

Please refer to the image above to get the correct dimensions for the fields below:

[Enter the quantities separated by comma as per example (e.g. 100,250,500)]
If you have your artwork please upload the file so we can view it prior to quoting for suitability.
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